UltraMiner FPGA

World’s Most Affordable Xilinx 16nm UltraScale+ FPGA Miner!

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Our Mission

FPGA mining is becoming more popular due to its flexibility in algorithm implementation and ASIC equivalent hashing performance per watt. As believers in cryptocurrency and the prosperity of decentralization, the ultimate goal of our UltraMiner project is to address those frustration points faced by every crypto miners nowadays.

  • Frustration #1: There is no Trustworthy FPGA miner

The mining community has observed and experienced so many scams, broken promises, misleading information related to FPGA miner one can hardly put his/her trust on a project to invest into.

  • Frustration #2There is no Affordable FPGA miner

Though people use Xilinx accelerator cards for mining, those are typically found at the price point above two thousands dollars, and constantly out of stock, making it not accessible to an average miner and hobbyist.

  • Frustration #3: There is no open FPGA miner project

Most custom-built FPGA board designs and bitstream files are only available to private investors and big mining farm owners, not open to the general public and average miners. 

What had happened is contrary to our believe in the decentralization of cryptocurrency, and this is what originally motivated us to launch the campaign on crowdfunding platform like indiegogo/kickstarter, which is known to have an open and trust relationship between the backers and builder, and the momentum of the successful campaign can also help secure a better pricing scheme from the FPGA manufacturer.

We want to build a FPGA miner that is accessible/affordable to everyone.

Key Features

The world’s first affordable 16nm Xilinx Ultrascale+ FPGA board, custom built and crowdfunded for Cryptocurrency Mining, Computation and Network Acceleration and more! 

Estimated Mining Hashrate

Below is the estimated mining hashrate performance and power consumption on UltraMiner FPGA board. We have already implemented majority of the algorithm bitstream files, tested and sent the prototype boards to bitcointalk memebers to review and verify. In the future we will continue adding new algorithm support.

We promise there will be free of charge and no Dev fee. 


We will be launching on CrowdSupply soon.

Discount Price: $399 (Regular at $469)

Free Shipping within USA

For any question regarding the project, please

Send emails to dev@agilmine.com

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We sent some prototype boards to bitcointalk community members for review and comments. Here are the video clips shared by the highly respected bitcoin member philipma1957 who helped validated prototype FPGA board functionality and hashing performance:

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